Welcome to Concord Teacakes!

Concord Teacakes began with two recipes, a heavenly chocolate cake and a fabulous almond lemon cake with such a sweet glaze and tempting aroma that swarms of bees would follow Judy Fersch as she put the cakes - hot from the oven - into her station wagon.

In 1984, meeting the school bus was a priority, so there was no time for the cakes to cool in the rented Elks Club. With samples in hand, Judy visited local shops, landed a few accounts and Concord Teacakes was born.

Today, our bakery is filled with an array of delicious cakes, cupcakes, scones, cookies, brownies and many more special delights. Our "Good To Go" corner offers fantastic soups, dinners, salads and sandwiches for our customers to take home or enjoy at the shop.

Concord Teacakes' commitment to quality and freshness is unwavering. With the addition of specialty cakes, our cake decorators put the "WOW" factor into any event. All our cakes are made with the freshest ingredients and can be custom-designed designed for you. We take great pride in our decorators - true artists combining delicious flavors with beautiful colors and outstanding designs. As you navigate through our website, you'll see a sampling of many of our specialty cakes and designs.

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A Special Cake for a Special Veteran - Friday, October 31, 2014
It was recently Concord Teacakes' true privilege to make a cake to honor Concord resident Captain Thomas Hudner, Retired.