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Concord Teacakes hours, address and phone numberOur Shop: A Day At Concord Teacakes

Early, early in the morning our shop is filled with our sleepy customers looking for a cup of coffee and a freshly baked scone before scurrying off to work. Later in the morning the pace changes as our customers sit around our cafe tables talking, sipping their beverage, devouring a muffin and planning their day.

Mid-day brings the quick lunch and sweet-lover crowd which slowly flows into those reviewing our "Good To Go" corner for a delicious dinner entree and/or fresh salad. Throughout the day, we have the little ones deciding just which cupcake they like best, others browsing our cake book, looking at the newest features on our cake display and, of course, chatting with friends - new & old - about their favorite Teacakes product!

For many, there is the hostess gift to buy, the party to plan, the questions about whether they should have gourmet filled cupcakes or design a cake that compliments their cocktail napkin and on to choosing the perfect party favors.

Our days at Concord Teacakes are busy. We delight in serving our customers - whether preparing a smoothie on a hot day, helping to select the best dessert for dinner, catering a breakfast or lunch or designing the most fabulous cake, we are at your service. Please stop by for a coffee or tea, scone or bagel, brownie or cookie - or just to explore our charming shop! We look forward to seeing you.

As always, our commitment to quality and freshness is unwavering.

Judy Fersch